750 Interface, USB (CI-7650)

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Since its introduction, the ScienceWorkshop 750 Interface has been globally acknowledged as the premier university-level physics interface, offering built-in function generator and DC power supply, plus a total of 7 channels. Now the 750 offers the ease of USB connection to your computer.

The 750 uses ScienceWorkshop sensors and cannot use PASPORT sensors.

Ideal for:

  • Electronics/circuits
  • Understanding instrumentation
  • Feedback & control

Seven Input Channels:

With the 750, all 7 channels may be used simultaneously. There are no limitations on what combinations of sensors can be used. Analog and digital inputs may be mixed in any combination.

  • Four Digital Channels -- Use up to 4 Photogates or 2 Rotary Motion Sensors, a photogate and Motion Sensor II, or any other combination.
  • Three Analog Channels -- Max sample rate of 250,000 Hz when using a single channel.

The 750 eliminates the need for a separate signal generator. In this LRC experiment, the 750 powers the circuit with a sinusoidal function and, using 3 voltage sensors, measures the voltages across the inductor, capacitor, and resistor simultaneously. In addition, it also records the output voltage and current. DataStudio can display all 5 traces on its oscilloscope so the phase shifts can be measured.

New Sense and Control Feature

The 750 output voltage can now be controlled using the calculator in DataStudio. For example, use the 750 output voltage to turn on a DC motor at a voltage proportional to the light intensity reading on a Light Sensor.

New calculator functions included in DataStudio are:

Outputswitch (A)

Controls the ON/OFF state of the Signal Generator window when using a ScienceWorkshop 750 interface. If the result of the sub-expression A is non-zero, then the Signal Generator is turned ON. Otherwise, the signal generator is turned OFF. The waveform, amplitude, or voltage settings of the Signal Generator are unaffected by this command.

Outputvoltage (A)

Controls the voltage (DC) or amplitude (waveform) of the Signal Generator window when using a ScienceWorkshop 750 interface. The result of the sub-expression A is used to set the output voltage or amplitude. Note: The parameter to output voltage will be limited to the range of ±5V (without a power amplifier), or ±10V (with a power amplifier).


Included Equipment
  • ScienceWorkshop 750 USB interface box
  • AC Adapter, 12 VDC, 60 Hz, 40 W
  • USB Cable
Additional Equipment Required
  • USB-compatible computer
  • Any PASCO ScienceWorkshop Sensor
  • Datastudio software, version 1.7 or later
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